Malaysian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Taipei

The Malaysian Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (MayCham) is a non-profit, non-partisan business organization dedicated to promoting the development of investment and trade between Malaysia and Taiwan.

Our extensive membership is the Chamber's greatest asset. The knowledge and expertise of this vast resource is tapped through a variety of interactive forums. MayCham, for example, coordinates the activities of 23 working committees that convene on a monthly basis to address advocacy issues and provide opportunities for professional and business development. Specific committees range from Marketing & Distribution and Trade and Economic Affairs to China Business and Telecommunications.

While MayCham serves the broader interests of international business, Chamber membership is also an important means of personal integration into life and business in Taiwan. Every month, the Chamber offers a variety of luncheon and breakfast meetings and seminars on subjects of particular interest to our membership.

Speakers regularly include world-renowned economists and politicians, management gurus and academic experts. More importantly perhaps, these events provide the opportunity for meaningful interaction among MayCham members and a basis for broadening contacts within Taiwan's business community.

Additional publications, a comprehensive website, and regular email and fax broadcast announcements keep members in the know on all developments affecting Taiwan's business environment.

MayCham is committed to meeting the changes and challenges of the future with innovation and insight-and it considers the key to achieving this goal to be the active involvement of the membership. MayCham encourages and empowers its members to join in the task of building a strong, vital international business environment in Taiwan.


"MayCham fosters the development of investment and trade between the Taiwan and Malaysia, and it seeks to enhance Taiwan's economic environment by promoting the adoption of international business standards in the areas of legislation, regulations, and enforcement."

Core Values

  • Private Enterprise
  • Rule of Law
  • Free Trade
  • Ethical & Responsible Business Practices
  • Transparency & the Free Flow of Information


  • To represent MayCham's diverse membership on issues of common interest
  • To provide a forum for networking and access to information
  • To serve as a trusted and influential advocate with government
  • To encourage civic-minded participation in the greater Taiwan community
  • To promote the Chamber's core values